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 The American Idol!

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PostSubject: The American Idol!   Wed Jun 25, 2008 8:30 pm

Ok so David Cook recently won American Idol. I'm glad he won. I knew he would win because he came from the biggest part of America of all the other contestants so he already have alot of people voting for him.

I wanted Syisha to win. ((I think thats how her name is spelt, correct me if I'm wrong))
Syisha has an awsome voice and I really thought that she deserved to win. I guess there wasnt enough voters for her.

I HATE David Aarchuleta. I think the only reason he came close to winning is because people thought he was cute and young. I would prefer David Cook over him and Syisha. Thats my opinion on him, others may see a different point of view.

So what is urs????
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The American Idol!
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